To report orphaned, ill or injured wildlife: (250) 337-2021 Comox Valley, Canada

Objectives & Philosophy

Helping Wildlife Recover

Our Mission:
To conserve and protect native wildlife and its natural habitat through education and rehabilitation.


Our Objectives:great-blue-babies

To provide a safe, stress-free environment for wildlife to recover.To contribute to the knowledge and understanding of wildlife by participating in research, and sharing information with wildlife and professional organizations, and the general public through meetings, lectures, displays, workshops, seminars, conferences, reports and publications.

Our Philosophy:

We are a non-political organization. Our energy is totally directed towards rehabilitation and education, and the funding of those endeavours. We abide by all governing laws and regulations under which we operate. MARS holds permits from federal and provincial governments that allow us to rescue, keep in captivity and care for wildlife.

The intensive care unit (ICU) at the centre and outdoor pens are off limits to the public due to permit restrictions and because wildlife become stressed around people. We endeavour to maintain high standards of care and ethics and to work cooperatively with many related organizations.

We strongly advise against keeping any wildlife species as pets and make every effort to ensure that all wildlife patients remain wild. We work closely with several local area veterinarians and receive many referrals from the SPCA. Before admitting any case, every effort must be made to resolve the situation (ie: reunite fledglings with their parents).

We are not a relocation service for nuisance animals. We are primarily concerned with treating those animals, which are in distress due to human related activities (e.g. car, cat, oil). Human intervention (picking up fledglings off the ground) is discouraged and return to the parent should be immediate. Where it can be determined, we will not interfere with animals in distress due to natural process (e.g. natural predator/prey interactions).

The responsibility of care of domestic animals falls under the jurisdiction of the Veterinarian Act. Therefore, we cannot accept or attempt to diagnose problems concerning domestic animals, accept them for treatment, housing, or try to find homes for them. This includes chickens, peacocks, domestic ducks and pigeons.

Charitable Tax Number 89207 7991 RR0001.

Society Incorporation number S33281.