To report orphaned, ill or injured wildlife: (250) 337-2021 Comox Valley, Canada


Since 1995, MARS has operated a designated Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre situated on three acres at 6817 Headquarters Road, north of Courtenay, 3 km off the old Vancouver Island Highway in Merville, BC.

Our Wildlife Centre has maintained federal and provincial permits since 1993 to provide professional care for wildlife.

We are not a zoo – our patients need peace and quiet in order to recover from their injuries. Our permits do not allow for public viewing of wildlife in our care.

We specialize in avian species: songbirds, waterfowl and raptors. We rescue everything from Bald Eagles and Trumpeter Swans to Hummingbirds. Although we do not have suitable facilities for long-term housing of most mammal species, we can assist with rescue and transport to other rehabilitation centres on the west coast. Because we are located on Vancouver Island, a unique ecosystem that does not have many native mammals, we cannot accept mammals from the mainland into our care; these will be directed to wildlife centres located there.

We encourage the public to help with the rescue of injured wildlife by bringing small species to us, or to a veterinarian. With large or dangerous wildlife such as Bald Eagles or Great Blue Heron, our trained staff and volunteers will respond.

Before you interfere with any wildlife, please call us at 250-337-2021.  After hours Wildlife Emergency: 250-897-2257.

A Proud Member Of WRNBCwrnbc-logo-350px

MARS is proud to be a member of the Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Network of British Columbia (WRNBC) and we would like to encourage all organizations who work with wildlife within British Columbia to become members of this Network. Show your support by becoming a lifetime member. There is strength in numbers; let the network become the voice that can work for you. Please visit the WRNBC website for more information about what to do if you find injured wildlife and job opportunities. Here you may also find contact information for international organizations that deal with wildlife issues.