To report orphaned, ill or injured wildlife: (250) 337-2021 | 1331 Williams Beach Road Merville, BC

It’s spring again and the time for baby bird season to begin. 

You might be wondering what you should do if you find a baby on the ground. First you need to determine if it is injured, caught in something, unable to flutter its wings, weak or if it has been attacked by another animal. If the answer is yes to any of these,

call MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre at 250-337-2021. 

Is the baby feathered?  If  not, it is a nestling and you need to find the nest if possible and see if it is still intact. If it is in one piece, try placing the baby back in the nest and observing it for an hour to see if the parents come back. If they do, then leave the area.  If  not, call MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre. If it is feathered, then it’s a fledgling which means it is old enough to leave the nest. It is normal for it to hop around the ground with it still being fed by the parents. Determine if it is in a safe area away from people and animals. Observe it for an hour to see if the parents return If they do, leave the area. If they do not, then call MARS.

For any advice or assistance, call MARS at 250-337-2021