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What do Great Blue Herons eat?

Fish, frogs, reptiles, rodents, insects


When do Great Blue Herons hunt for food?

Great Blue Herons can hunt for food during the day and night. The best times for hunting fish is when the tide is going out


Why is it important to not disturb Great Blue Herons when they are hunting for food?

Great Blue Herons need to feed daily due to their inability to store food in the form of body fat


Why can’t Great Blue Herons store body fat?

Great Blue Herons only weigh approximately 6 pounds which makes it easy for them to fly. Storing body fat would make them weigh too much to fly


What happens when Great Blue Herons can’t get enough food?

Great Blue Herons will die or be attacked by predators (eagles, hawks). The lucky ones are rescued by MARS, fed and released back to the wild.


What is the best thing to do if I find a sick Great Blue Heron that can’t fly?

Great Blue Herons can be dangerous even if they can’t fly. They have very sharp beaks and will try to poke you. The best thing to do is get your parents to call MARS and we will come rescue the Great Blue Heron safely.

Two lucky Great Blue Herons

Two lucky Great Blue Herons rescued by MARS and later released back to the wild.