To report orphaned, ill or injured wildlife: (250) 337-2021 Comox Valley, Canada

How the website works

Think of it as a hub of discovery!

The main website landing page is a portal into the world of the MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre.

You’ll notice there’s not a lot of text on the portal page, this is so you can scan options and quickly figure out where you want to go.

The main way of interacting with our content is through the slider/carousel at the top of the page.

Six amazing wildlife photographs represent the six key themes MARS would like to share with you: ABOUT, VISIT, STORIES, VOLUNTEER, LEARN and DONATE. 

So click on the Bald Eagle ‘Stories’ image and you will be taken to amazing stories of wildlife rescue, recovery, rehab and release, how MARS works, what we do and why.

Want to volunteer at MARS, book an ambassador bird for your school or community event or come visit us? 


Click on the Saw Whet Owl, Hummingbird or Grizzly bears and you’ll find exactly what you need.

More to love about the new MARS website

We’ve got information about MARS memberships and the quarterly eNewsletter, latest MARS news, a calendar of community events, a virtual guestbook, interesting infographics, contests, draws and contact information and yes, if you want to help us help wildlife there’s plenty of different ways you can bequeath, endow, and donate to gift your support.

One important part of the main landing page is dedicated to things that are happening right now, things we really want you to know about.

Currently, we’re showcasing the urgent need for funds to complete the new MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre under construction in Merville, BC. 

You can click through to see the plans and read about founder Mary Jane ‘Maj’ Birch and her dream for an animal hospital and education centre. 

This flexible ever-changing space on the front page will keep you up-to-date on the issues at the top of the MARS agenda.

We appreciate you!

Finally you’ll notice that on every page we showcase the professional staff, volunteers, donors and visitors who comprise the heart and soul of the MARS enterprise. 

MARS could not exist without the love, generosity, expertise and kindness that we receive from each and every one of you. 

This support is what motivates and drives everyone here to protect and preserve wildlife and wild habitats. 

So go explore, have an awesome experience flipping through the pages, feel free to leave a comment about the new website on the CONTACT page and thank you for helping us to help wildlife.